PRUtriple protect: How you can protect your income and lifestyle from the cost of critical illness

Prudential's new insurance term product PRUtriple protect allows customers to claim up to 300 per cent of their basic coverage amount and for multiple illnesses.

It is no secret that people are living longer these days, thanks to advances in medical science. In Singapore, the average life expectancy is now 83 years, the third highest in the world after Japan and Switzerland1.

However, while we may be living longer, we may not be living life as well. Critical illnesses (CI) are on the rise today. Cancer, the leading cause of death in Singapore, has been found to strike 37 people in the city-state everyday (2).

And while more people are being diagnosed with critical illnesses like cancer, they don’t seem to be securing the financial coverage they need to be protected from them.

A study by the Life Insurance Association of Singapore (LIA)3 showed that Singaporeans are underprepared for the total expenses they may incur or the potential loss of income while fighting critical illnesses. The average working adult has a CI protection gap of S$256, 826 or 3.1 times their annual income.


This CI gap represents the financial shortfall in covering a family’s needs if one becomes unable to work when recovering from a critical illness. While medical insurance plans can help pay for the costs of treatment, a critical illness plan helps cover the many financial commitments households have, such as managing everyday expenses, servicing debts, and maintaining a certain standard of living.

Against this backdrop, CI solutions can help individuals to specifically address their CI gap.

One such product is PRUtriple protect, a new insurance term product from Prudential. PRUtriple protect allows customers to claim up to 300 per cent of their basic coverage amount and for multiple illnesses. Under this plan, a customer’s basic coverage amount could be as high as $9 million, one of the highest in the market4.

According to Ms Theresa Wu, Prudential Singapore’s Head of Protection, PRUtriple protect can help cover potential income loss that accompanies a critical illness diagnosis. “With PRUtriple protect, our customers can have peace of mind knowing that they would be able to meet their financial commitments and maintain their lifestyle needs when recovering from a health crisis.”

For more information about PRUtriple protect, call 1800 333 0 333.

1 World Health Organization, World Health Statistics report 2017
2 National Registry of Diseases Office,  Singapore Cancer Registry Annual Report 2015
3 Life Insurance Association of Singapore, Protection Gap Study 2017
4PRUtriple protect’s maximum sum assured is S$3million. Customers may claim up to three times the sum assured under this plan.