Invisible braces straighten teeth discreetly and show results from as early as a few weeks

This Singaporean start-up offers easy-to-use and affordable invisible braces to help improve your dental experience

With clear plastic aligners you can now reap the benefits of traditional braces without the discomfort, while enjoying an almost-invisible finish. PHOTO CREDIT: ZENYUM

Having crooked teeth can undermine self-esteem, but straightening them is not just for cosmetic reasons. Apart from attaining a beautiful, even smile, teeth alignment also improves oral health, says Dr Sebastien Bui, Dentist and Senior Clinical Team Leader at Zenyum, a home-grown company offering smile cosmetics which include invisible braces, sonic toothbrushes, and other oral care products.

“As an example, when the two frontal upper and lower teeth are biting together heavily because they are not straight, they can end up with micro-cracks, chip or wear out after many years,” he explains. 

The teeth need to be aligned properly to resolve the problem and balance the bite. When the teeth are aligned, you can chew properly and smile with confidence, plus there is a lowered risk of tooth decay. 

Using metal braces has drawbacks that can put people off seeking treatment. 

“They think that it involves two or three years of treatment, going to the dentist for uncomfortable consultations and pain all the way,” Dr Bui explains. There is also a reluctance to wear metal braces due to the discomfort and the fact that it is not aesthetically pleasing.  

But gone are the days when metal braces are the only way to correct crooked teeth. The advent of clear plastic aligners has enabled consumers to reap the benefits of traditional braces without the discomfort, while enjoying an almost-invisible finish.

“Modern dentistry enables us to provide a solution for our patients that we call clear aligners or invisible braces. This option consists of wearing an invisible dental device to help you achieve a beautiful smile and bite,” says Dr Bui. 

Another advantage of invisible braces is that they can be taken out for cleaning or when you are eating or drinking.


Zenyum's 3D-printed invisible aligners must be worn for at least 20 hours a day and can be removed when eating or drinking and for cleaning. PHOTO CREDIT: ZENYUM

Making You Smile With More Affordable Treatments

As the invisible braces already in the market can be expensive for many people, Zenyum decided to step up to the plate a few years ago.

Mr Marc Torras, Zenyum’s Managing Director for Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, says: “Our main aim is to provide an affordable solution for straightening teeth in South-east Asia, while making sure that we don’t compromise safety and the supervision of treatment.”

Harnessing advances in technology, Zenyum uses 3D imaging to let customers see the expected end results. Its aligners are also 3D printed.

Plus, with its app, Zenyum customers are involved throughout the entire teeth-straightening treatment and have control over their dental care from start to finish. 

The progress of each customer is monitored through regular photo submissions of their teeth on the app. “The app is a tool for our customers to track their treatment milestones, track wear time and stay in touch with us,” says Mr Torras. 

Making multiple visits to the dentist is also no longer necessary since customers can review and track their progress using the app, which saves them time and money. On average, you have to see your Zenyum dentist only three times throughout the entire process – for the initial dental consultation, then for the fitting of your aligners and, lastly, for the final review. 

“We want to balance affordability and convenience without sacrificing quality and safety. While we minimise dentist visits, we don’t skip them. We make the dentist consultation mandatory not only to personalise their treatment, but also to make sure they receive a full oral check-up and X-rays,” adds Mr Torras. 

Zenyum offers two types of treatments:  Zenyum Clear and Zenyum Clear Plus. Both are suitable for the majority of cases. The former is for mild to moderate cases with a treatment time of up to 9 months. The latter is for moderate to complex cases and requires up to 15 months.

Zenyum’s invisible braces are meant for those whose permanent teeth are all in place. Some young patients may have to wait until they are 16 for this to happen, notes Dr Bui. 

It is recommended that Zenyum’s invisible braces be worn for at least 20 hours a day for optimal results.

Starting your journey towards a beautiful smile with Zenyum is very simple. Visit their website or app for a free pre-assessment: complete an online form and upload five photos of your teeth and Zenyum will reply within two days. 

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