Household brand Eye Mo is back on shelves

Eye Mo relaunch Singapore
Over-the-counter eye care product Eye Mo is coming back to Singapore. PHOTOS: THINKSTOCK, DKSH SINGAPORE

Millennials would be familiar with the brand Eye Mo. Some of us might remember our parents offering us Eye Mo to refresh eyes since our childhood days.

As a household brand name, Eye Mo is known to help relieve dry and irritated eyes. The product is especially useful for those who spend long hours in air-conditioned places, or use electronic devices extensively.

With the increased reliance on handheld devices like mobile phones and tablets, Singaporeans are experiencing eye strain, fatigue, discomfort and irritation more than ever.

Over the years, Eye Mo has become an established brand with a long heritage, the trusted eye drops that our parents and grandparents reached for to keep eyes fresh. 

Eye Mo is back with authenticity assurance 

With effect from May 2016, Pharma Healthcare Pte Ltd (PHC) has acquired Eye Mo brand from GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). PHC, who is now the manufacturer and brand owner of Eye Mo, has appointed DKSH Singapore Pte Ltd to market and distribute Eye Mo in Singapore.

Eye Mo has been the nation’s top choice of eye lubricant for over 20 years. As a progressive brand and market leader in the over-the-counter (OTC) eye care segment, Eye Mo has returned with an added feature of authenticity assurance following the relaunch in Singapore market.

Eye Mo Authenticity Assurance
All Eye Mo products will have a Scratch and Authenticate sticker for safety assurance. PHOTO: DKSH SINGAPORE

Pharma Healthcare declares its commitment to ensure every bottle of Eye Mo is a quality product that is authentic and untampered. The packaging will now come with a serialized Scratch and Authenticate sticker for users to ascertain the authenticity of the product. 

A QR Code will be revealed once the sticker is scratched. When scanned, it will lead to a landing page that confirms the Eye Mo product as genuine. As an added security measure, each QR Code can only be scanned to a maximum of three times. Consumers are also advised to check if the seal of the Eye Mo bottle is unbroken and untampered with before use.

These safety measures come in the wake of reports of counterfeit Eye Mo products which were in the market from 2015-2016, prior to the appointment of DKSH as the local distributor. DKSH Singapore encourages members of the public to purchase Eye Mo products bearing the serialised Scratch & Authenticate seal. In the event of coming across any counterfeit Eye Mo products, consumers should report via the hotline +65 6659 7418.

Regular or Moist: Which one should you use?

Eye Mo eye drops has two types: Regular and Moist.

For minor eye irritations that are caused by dust or smoke, Eye Mo Regular can provide swift relief.

For relief of tired and dry eyes from long hours of staring at computers, handheld devices or even books, Eye Mo Moist lubricates efficiently to alleviate discomfort. Professionals who work in air-conditioned offices and suffer from dry eyes will benefit from using Eye Mo Moist as well.

Eye Mo Regular and Eye Mo Moist come in 2 sizes: 7.5ml and 15ml. Eye Mo Regular will be launching in Q4 of 2017.

Eye Mo can be used by consumers of all ages. DKSH Singapore believes that the added precaution will give consumers better assurance of the authenticity of the product. Consumers can now purchase Eye Mo Moist 7.5ml at over 1000 retail outlets including all leading chain pharmacies, supermarkets, convenience stores, medical halls and minimarts.