Hospitalisation coverage

  • Q: I have a Class A ward Integrated Shield Plan, but have an exclusion clause for pre-existing heart condition. Will I be covered by MediShield Life if I'm hospitalised for a heart problem - since it's supposed to cover even pre-existing diseases?

A: An Integrated Shield Plan (IP) comprises two parts - the basic MediShield plan and a top-up portion. IP policyholders enjoy the combined benefits of MediShield, which is run by the CPF Board, and the enhanced benefits of the top-up portion, which is run by private insurers.

MediShield Life provides a basic level of coverage, aimed at Class B2 or Class C wards in the public hospitals. Your IP adds on to this coverage so that you can be adequately covered when you seek treatment in Class A wards in the public hospitals.

Because MediShield Life will provide coverage for all pre-existing conditions, all IP policyholders will also enjoy the MediShield Life coverage, for life, including for any pre-existing conditions.

In your case, MediShield Life will provide basic coverage for your pre-existing heart condition, even if this is excluded from the top-up coverage by your private insurer.

What this means is that should you need treatment for your pre-existing heart condition, and your IP continues to exclude it, you will still enjoy insurance coverage at Class B2 or Class C in the public hospitals, provided by MediShield Life.

If you are treated in a Class A ward, MediShield Life will reimburse you the amount you would have received in a B2 ward.

  • Q: I am covered under IncomeShield rather than IncomeShield Life. Since, as a citizen, I am automatically covered under MediShield Life, should I give up IncomeShield, especially as I don't plan to opt for anything higher than Class B2 if hospitalised?

If I don't, will I be wasting money on premiums for IncomeShield? Can you please explain how I can switch from an Integrated Shield Plan to MediShield Life in future when circumstances warrant it?

A: Singaporeans should carefully consider their choice of ward class and purchase insurance coverage accordingly.

If you want to stay in private hospitals, or in Class A/B1 in public hospitals, you may wish to purchase a suitable IP. However, your premiums will be higher.

If you plan to stay in a Class B2 or C subsidised ward, MediShield Life will be good enough.

If you give up your IP, you will be automatically covered by MediShield Life when it is implemented at the end of next year.