HealthHub: A local app for everything health-related

Medical records, prescriptions, clinic appointment cards — do you have trouble remembering where you keep those paper documents?

If you do, here’s a hassle-free alternative to tracking the pen and paper trail. 

HealthHub: Your One-stop Health Portal


Use HealthHub to manage your health documents digitally. Like your online personal assistant, HealthHub helps you organise your medical documents, manage your doctors’ appointments and even provide friendly tips toward leading a healthier lifestyle.

With HealthHub, you have a secured and convenient access to a wealth of health and wellness information. By using HealthHub, you are empowered to take greater care of your own wellness, as well as the health of your loved ones.

Here’s an overview of how HealthHub helps you stay healthy while benefitting you in other ways.

1. Health Records at Your Fingertips

HealthHub is available to you anytime, and from anywhere, even if you are not in Singapore. Just log in with your SingPass, and you will be able to view your health records and medical appointments across different polyclinics, public hospitals and other public health institutions.


Here’s what you will have access to:

  • Lab test results: Had a blood test done at the polyclinic recently? Get the results right from your phone to save you from making a trip. In fact, you can see and compare all your lab test results done in the past three years at polyclinics, public hospitals and other healthcare institutions.
  • Medications: Need to know the names of the pills you are taking? HealthHub keeps your prescription records from the public healthcare institutions for the past 12 months. In addition, use the app to set reminders to top up your prescription medications before they run low.
  • Appointments: Not sure when is your next doctor’s appointment? Use HealthHub to track your medical appointments with public healthcare institutions. Parents and caregivers can also view their child’s or care receiver’s appointments.
  • Financial Consent: Save yourself the paperwork. Grant consent to public healthcare institutions via HealthHub to help you tap on government subsidies and assistance schemes, and make claims from MediShield Life and Medisave.


2. Convenience on the Go


HealthHub provides ease and convenience to all Singaporeans, even when you are on the go. You may login via a computer at or via a mobile application of the same name, which you may download from Google Play or Apple Store.

With HealthHub, you no longer need to make that trip to the public health institutions just to pick up your lab test or screening results, saving you both time and travel cost. This is particularly helpful to the elderly, and working adults who need not take time off their work schedules when they can manage these records online.

3. Directory of Everything Healthy and Health-related

If your goal is to adopt a healthy diet or partake in activities to get a good work-out, HealthHub offers you an extensive directory of these options. This includes locations of clinics and pharmacies, healthier eateries and sports facilities.

The next time you need to find a restaurant which serves healthier meals, or locate a gym nearest to you, look up the directory under HealthHub.

4. Rewards, Deals, Discounts and More

Signing up as a HealthHub user has its privileges. Besides enjoying the convenience and access to health-related information, you can also earn Healthpoints. For example, you can earn Healthpoints by sharing health-related articles from the portal on your own social media accounts.

You can exchange Healthpoints for Plus! LinkPoints to enjoy rewards of your choice or use them to redeem shopping or dining vouchers and more. In addition, users of the HealthHub mobile app enjoy special deals and discounts at selected stores. So be a HealthHub user today and get rewarded.

More importantly, you can manage your health better with HealthHub’s information and services and be rewarded with a healthier you.

Visit to find out more or download the HealthHub app from Google Play or Apple Store.