Get more than relief for eczema-prone skin

Because your little one deserves the gold standard skincare regime that relieves itch, restores skin's barrier and retains moisture

If you have patches of skin that are inflamed, itchy and red, or, sometimes, blistered, you may suffer from ezcema. And more so, if you have a personal or family history of dry, sensitive skin, asthma or allergic rhinitis.

The good news is, some people suffering from eczema caused by contact allergy can be 'cured' when the cause of allergy is identified. But for those who have 'inherent' or 'genetic' eczema, such as atopic eczema, proper management of the condition is needed.

From the brand loved by dermatologists and trusted by consumers through the years, Cetaphil PRO AD Derma is the Gold Standard skincare regime with Filaggrin TechnologyTM for those with eczema-prone skin.

Eczema affects 20% of school-going children in Singapore. Research shows that eczema-prone skin genetically lacks filaggrin. Itʼs no surprise then that mothers and caregivers of children choose Cetaphil PRO AD Derma for its formulation enhanced with Filaggrin TechnologyTM.

Filaggrin is the key

Eczema develops when the skin fails to function as a barrier to retain moisture and keep out irritants. Filaggrin is an essential protein that is key to the production of natural moisturising factor (NMF) - substances that maintain skin hydration and skin barrier function. This is why Cetaphil PRO AD Derma is formulated with Filaggrin breakdown products to supplement the skin barrier.

Moisturise to manage eczema

Apart from using your doctor's medication and avoiding trigger factors, ensuring that your skin is gently yet adequately cleansed and kept well-moisturised is one of the key actions to manage eczema-prone skin and keep flare-ups at bay. The Cetaphil PRO AD Derma two-step daily regime is clinically proven to soothe, hydrate and strengthen skin:

Step 1: Use the Cetaphil PRO AD Derma Skin Restoring Wash - a gentle daily soap-free foaming body wash which moisturises as it cleanses - to soothe dry and itchy eczema-prone skin.

Step 2: Apply the Cetaphil PRO AD Derma Skin Restoring Moisturizer - a lightweight, non-greasy daily body moisturiser - to quickly soothe and relieve dryness and itch.