Health Screening Experience with Healthway Medical

Take charge of your health at Healthway Screening @ Downtown at OUE Downtown Gallery

The new Healthway Screening @ Downtown is designed to evoke a sense of calmness the moment you enter. PHOTO: HEALTHWAY MEDICAL
The new Healthway Screening @ Downtown is designed to evoke a sense of calmness the moment you enter. PHOTO: HEALTHWAY MEDICAL

As information on fitness and well-being is more readily available, Singaporeans are becoming increasingly health-conscious and are making lifestyle changes to keep themselves in the pink of health.

But taking care of your health goes beyond just exercising and making healthier food choices. Having regular health screenings is beneficial to your well-being too.

Even if you are not showing any symptoms of ill health, going for a regular health screening may help with early detection of diseases that you may unknowingly have. In such a case, you can work towards getting the right treatment early to prevent deterioration of the disease and recover quickly. Otherwise, what you get is a peace of mind that you are still hale and hearty.

Comprehensive health screening

With Healthway Medical’s new health screening centre, Healthway Screening @ Downtown at OUE Downtown Gallery opening in the second half of this year, you can expect a comprehensive line-up of health screening packages that can provide a detailed overview of your health status.

Healthway Medical leverages innovation and technology, integrating health management for your convenience with the use of iPads at every health screening suite. These provide seamless end-to-end service from registration to the end of the health screening process.

At the screening centre, there are various health screening facilities providing different types of health screening packages catered to detecting diseases that you may be particularly susceptible to.

On top of the usual baseline tests such as measuring blood pressure, focused health screening packages offer an in-depth assessment of specific diseases.

The list of tests available at the new centre includes comprehensive blood and urine tests, resting electrocardiogram (ECG) and treadmill ECG,spirometry, tonometry and retinal photography.

Healthway Radiology complements the health screening facilities at Healthway Screening @ Downtown by providing examinations that involve equipment such as X-rays, mammogram, bone mineral densitometry and ultrasounds.

The screening centre’s bone mineral densitometry machine provides a comprehensive way to measure body composition by assessing percentage of body fat, total lean mass and more, on top of the usual bone mineral density assessment, in one sitting or separately.This scan is especially useful for improving athletes’ performance by consistent and regular measurements of their body composition and bone mineral density.

The plush health screening suite at Healthway Screening @ Downtown. PHOTO: HEALTHWAY MEDICAL

Healthway@Downtown Health Screening Experience

The new Healthway Screening @ Downtown is designed to evoke a sense of calmness the moment you enter.

Once you step into the centre, you will be greeted by the staff and escorted to your health screening suite. The guest experience officer will guide you through the registration process, all from the comfort of your seat with the convenience of our iPads and wireless system. Once complete, the staff will provide you with an overview of the overall screening process and what to expect throughout the entire journey.

Specialised healthcare professionals will then take turns to visit you in the comfort of your suite, for the preliminary tests before your consultation.

Once the fasting tests are completed, you can enjoy the delicious breakfast spread available to guests.

After drawing blood, you will then proceed for clinical examinations such as blood pressure measurement, ECG, vision test, spirometry, tonometry and retinal photography tests.

Results from the retinal photography test are examined by Dr James Pan, an ophthalmologist from Nobel Eye Centre, whereas results from the stress ECG test are examined by Dr Leow Khang Leng, a cardiologist from Nobel Heart Centre.

The guest experience officers will then escort you to the different doctor consultation rooms for your selected tests. In between tests, you can rest at your suite while you wait for your turn.

Tests are conducted by experienced doctors and nurses for a holistic health screening experience.

For the final step of the screening, the guest experience officer will then direct you to the radiology department to perform the radiology examinations.

After finishing the tests, the guest experience officer will schedule an appointment for you for a review and follow up consultation with the doctor.

For more privacy and an even higher level of comfort, you can opt to have your health screening done in the centre’s spacious VIP rooms.

You also have the option to do additional specialised tests with Dr Eric Wee, a gastroenterologist from Nobel Gastroenterology Centre, and, Dr Leong Quor Meng, a colorectal surgeon from Nobel Surgery Centre, for colonoscopy and gastroscopy procedures.

Besides health screenings, Healthway Medical also provides a comprehensive array of health services spanning all levels and intensity of care, that are in line with the Ministry of Health's focus on preventive healthcare.

You will find a diverse range of healthcare professionals attending to your needs at its general practice and family medicine clinics, specialists for babies and children, specialists for adults, dental services and allied healthcare services.

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