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Fast and virtually painless health assessment

An effective health screening makes the early detection and treatment of diseases possible, and may increase chances of a better outcome!

MWH Medical aims to provide safe and personalised services to their patients. PHOTO: MWH MEDICAL
MWH Medical aims to provide safe and personalised services to their patients. PHOTO: MWH MEDICAL

It is easy to assume that health screenings may be invasive and involve painful processes. 

But in general, health screening can be a pleasant experience with doctors and nurses carefully explaining the procedures each step of the way, and the tests are done with minimal pain involved, aside from some potential minimal discomfort from procedures like withdrawing of blood.

The whole process may take less than half a day too. For instance, facilities in clinics such as the MWH Medical, is based on a "One Day. One Stop. One Centre" concept, so patients are able to complete respective procedures at the same location and obtain blood test and diagnostic imaging reports on the same day.  

MWH aims to provide safe and personalised services to their patients. 
In order to provide greater comfort to patients, MWH Medical adopted an Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine to enable fast and accurate scanning for patients. With the 3.0 Tesla (T) MRI Machines with built in artificial intelligence and BioMatrix technology, MWH medical is able to reduce waiting and scanning times , and reduce variations in imaging result, avoid re-scanning and thereby, giving greater diagnostic accuracy to patients. 

This will result in the doctors making  informed clinical decisions for the patients.  Shorter scanning time will thereby deliver greater comfort to patients. 

Patients who are prone to anxiety and small enclosed areas need not worry.  The MRI machine comes with a wider 70cm open bore design, which can provide greater comfort during the scanning procedures. MWH Medical understands that every patient requires different medical needs. The centre thus offers various personalised health screening packages that are customised based on a pre-screening assessment that will put health profile, family history, age etc as key consideration factors to design a test package for each individual. 

Aside from the usual baseline tests, MWH also provides disease specific health screening tests that will enable more in-depth assessment of a particular disease. 

Its One-Stop Ear, Nose and Throat Evaluation package for example includes nasal endoscopy (examination of the nasal passage, throat and voice box), otoscopy (examine outer ear canal and eardrum), hearing test and specialist consultation to detect any potential ear, nose or throat related problems. 

Another virtually less painful test provided by the centre is the Gastric and Colon Cancer Evaluation procedure.  Conventionally, patients in the other centres will require an overnight preparation process to clear the bowels, which is often inconvenient and with great discomfort. MWH Medical adopted a new approach where patients will undergo bowel clearance preparation just 2 hours before the gastroscopy or colonoscopy procedures. This greatly shortens the discomfort duration and patients can recover easily after the procedure.  

With  technologies and procedures meant to deliver safe and personalised health assessment to patients, MWH Medical’s One Stop, One Day and One Centre concept revolutionalises the overall patient experience in early disease detection. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.What are you waiting for? 

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