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Don't walk alone: Tips on how to cope with cancer

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It is difficult to deal with cancer alone. And it is important to realise that being diagnosed will affect not just your life, but also those around you. Your family may have to change their routines and roles, while your relationships with others can be affected.

What will help you is to share your feelings honestly with those close to you. This will help you cope with your own emotions about being diagnosed with cancer. Here are some tips:

1. Choose a good listener

Sometimes, it is not advice that you want, but just someone willing to listen to you and understand what you are going through. This could be someone in or outside your family.

2. Find a good time to share

Look out for signals that someone is ready to talk to you about cancer. Or you can ask them about their thoughts and feelings about the disease.

3. Know your feelings

You might feel and express anger because you are frustrated, worried or sad. Try to figure out the source of your anger, and do not run away from the feelings.

4. Be truthful about your emotions

Acting cheerful will not help you express your true emotions, nor give others an accurate idea of your thoughts and feelings.

5 Ask for help

Seek community resources, such as a support group or a counsellor, to get more support and help.

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