Deadline for updating household info for Medishield Life premium subsidies extended to next Tuesday

SINGAPORE - Singaporeans now have until Tuesday to confirm and update their household information so that the correct Medishield Life premium subsidies can be computed for them.

The Ministry of Health said this in a statement when announcing that it was extending the previous deadline, which expired on Friday.

The extension will give people "a few more days to complete their household checks", it added.

The public can update their information online at or call the MediShield Life hotline at 1800-2223399.

Health Minister Gan Kim Yong said earlier on Friday that households that do not update their data will still receive the premium subsidies based on the existing information in government records if they are eligible.

Speaking to reporters after the annual general meeting of the Chinese Development Assistance Council, which he chairs, he also assured Singaporeans that even if they discovered errors down the road, they can contact the ministry to amend the information.

Besides subsidies on the premiums for MediShield Life, eligible Singaporeans can also get Pioneer Generation subsidies and transitional subsidies that also apply to MediShield Life. These other subsidies do not depend on household circumstances and will be given automatically.

MediShield Life letters were sent to all 1.2 million Singaporean households last month. Of these, about 740,000 households were urged to update their household information so they get the appropriate subsidies, but to date some 350,000 have yet to do so.

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