Anglican groups can work together to promote successful ageing: Gan Kim Yong

SINGAPORE - Two Anglican groups were honoured by Health Minister Gan Kim Yong on Thursday night for their efforts to reach out to the elderly.

Both the Singapore Anglican Community Services and St Andrew's Mission Hospital provide services such as day care and rehabilitation for seniors, which Mr Gan said are "critical going forward" in a rapidly-ageing society.

For example, the hospital will be setting up a new senior care centre to provide dementia care and centre-based nursing care.

Speaking at a charity dinner hosted by both groups, Mr Gan said there is room for the "wider Anglican community" to work together to create senior-friendly environments.

"The Anglican schools can take the lead to champion inter-generational interactions and learning within the campuses," he said.

"It is also never too late to start to inculcate a positive image of ageing and the aged among our younger generation, because these perceptions will make a critical difference to the quality of their ageing in future."

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