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Actor Luke Lee powered by confidence

Lee doing a medicine ball throw at the Marina Barrage.
Lee doing a medicine ball throw at the Marina Barrage.ST PHOTO: LIM YAOHUI

Luke Lee likes people who are confident and passionate about what they believe in

Q What is your secret to looking fabulous?

A For me, there is no secret to getting in shape. To get a healthy and fit body, you simply have to put in the work.

Q Was there ever a time when you weren't fit and fab?

A Not really. Ever since I was a child, my parents have encouraged my brother and me to go out and explore new places. We were always doing something - hiking, climbing, running or swimming.


Q How long have you been doing CrossFit?

A I was introduced to CrossFit recently and I've been enjoying it so far.

Q What are some misconceptions people have about CrossFit?

A A lot of people have the misconception that CrossFit is really intense. They think that if you do CrossFit, you will be pushed to the limit, until you pass out.

However, I've learnt that CrossFit is a progressive workout. It's not about pushing yourself to the maximum at one go but, rather, building a stable foundation.

Q What is your workout schedule?

A I train every day, usually around 4am, at a 24-hour gym. I start off with 20 minutes of cardio exercise, followed by 40 minutes focused on a particular muscle group.

I do a lot of work with medicine balls, battle ropes, prowlers and free weights.


Confidence comes from knowing who you are deep down and exuding that energy.

LUKE LEE, on being confident.

Q How do your workouts affect your daily diet?

A I eat five to six small meals a day, comprising chicken or turkey breast, broccoli or steamed vegetables, and brown rice.

On the days that I do weightlifting and cardio, I eat carbs to keep my insulin levels up throughout the day. On non-training days, I avoid carbs. This carb cycle helps me get a lean, defined body shape.

In terms of special diets for a race, I "carb load" the week leading up to race day, followed by eating bran or muesli on the race day itself.

Q What are your indulgences?

A I absolutely love a good tiramisu.

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    Age: 25

    Height: 1.69m

    Weight: 65kg

    Lee, a full-time film and TV actor and event host, started lifting weights at age 13, when he decided that he wanted to lead a healthy lifestyle.

    He incorporates a range of exercises into his training, from martial arts and gymnastics to weightlifting.

    He is also into obstacle-course racing and has taken part in the Reebok Spartan Race, a major obstacle-course race.

    His passion for fitness comes from the positive feeling he gets after a good workout.

    For him, the harder he works, the more energetic and productive he feels throughout the day.

    His mother, a lawyer, has asked him to train her in the gym regularly.

    His father is also a lawyer and his younger brother is a full-time national serviceman. They are both also into fitness.

Q How important is it for you to keep up with your fitness routine?

A For me, it is extremely important. It is part of who I am. It is like eating and breathing - I do it every day.

Being in the best physical condition motivates me to achieve my goals and I also motivate the people around me.

Q How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance?

A I hear the phrase "I have no work-life balance" a lot. I feel that we have much more time than we realise.

Our life is made up of units of time and we have complete control over how we allocate them.

What you spend your time on is a reflection of your priorities. If you really want to do something, you will find time for it.

Q What is the most extreme thing you have done in the name of fitness or diet?

A I have never done anything extreme because I do not believe in that. I prefer to lead a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Q What is the biggest sacrifice you've made to stay fit and fab?

A Sleep and sugary food. I get up at 4am for my workouts. Waking up early is harder than going without sugar, even though I have a sweet tooth.

Q Would you go for plastic surgery?

A No, it is not something I would be comfortable with.

Q Do you think you're sexy?

A I don't think I'm sexy, nor have I ever tried to be. But I believe in the power of confidence.

Confidence is attractive.

I am confident and I like to be around people who are confident and passionate about what they believe in. Confidence comes from knowing who you are deep down and exuding that energy.

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