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3 reasons to go for regular health screenings

Invest in your health at any age with affordable check-ups

Take a proactive approach to a healthy lifestyle by going for regular health screenings. PHOTO: ISTOCK
Take a proactive approach to a healthy lifestyle by going for regular health screenings. PHOTO: ISTOCK

Going by the increasing popularity of health trends and the growing interest in healthier food options, Singaporeans are making conscious choices to improve their health and well-being.

But maintaining good health involves more than having a healthy diet and exercise. Proactive, holistic health involves going for regular health screenings —even when you are in the pink of health.

Here are three reasons why Singaporean adults should go for a health screening regularly:

Health screenings may help detect diseases or conditions that may not show symptoms. PHOTO: ISTOCK

1. It enables you to take a proactive approach towards your health

This means that you take active steps to monitor your health, instead of waiting for an issue to crop up before acting on it.

Early symptoms are often hard to detect. By the time they start to show up, the disease or condition would have progressed — and may require more expensive treatment or intensive attention.

Health screenings help to detect abnormalities that may indicate a disease or condition even if you have not experienced any physical symptom.

Common conditions affecting Singaporean adults of all ages include obesity, risk of diabetes, and high cholesterol and blood pressure.

Other diseases that are common among Singaporeans include colorectal cancer, cervical cancer and breast cancer. Catching signs of these diseases early allows you to take control of the situation early, which typically results in better outcomes.

Regular health screenings can also eliminate the fear of the unknown and give you the assurance that you are in good health — allowing you to enjoy living life to the fullest.

Incorporate health tests relevant to your age and risk factors. PHOTO: ISTOCK

2. It allows you to keep track of your health over time

Health screenings provide a complete and current picture of your overall health. This makes it easier for you to track and manage your state of health.

On top of basic tests, your health screenings should also incorporate tests that are relevant to your age and risk factors, which may change over time due to your age and lifestyle habits.

These tests give you a more accurate assessment of a particular disease or condition that you may be susceptible to, even if you are not showing any sign and symptom.

Early detection, followed by a proper course of treatment option, allows you to manage your condition well; resulting in better recovery outcomes and lowered risks of complications from progressive diseases.

HPB's Screen for Life package offers health screenings at the price of an average lunch meal. PHOTO: ISTOCK

3. It can be affordable and convenient

The Health Promotion Board offers the Screen for Life package with health screenings for just $5 or less for eligible Singaporean adults - an equivalent price of an average lunch meal. It includes screening for cancers (cervical and colorectal cancer) and chronic diseases (obesity, diabetes, high blood cholesterol).

The fuss-free, low-cost screening helps you and your loved ones enjoy better health for a better life — be sure to go for it regularly.

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