Haze update: 3pm PSI falls to 122, the lowest reading since Thursday

The three-hour Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) at 3pm fell to 122 from 178 an hour earlier. This is also the lowest PSI reading since Thursday morning's 7am reading of 111.

The 24 hour average PSI at 3pm also dipped to a 170-193 range from 172-197.

Air in the 101 to 200 PSI range is considered "unhealthy" but more people were spotted out and about in the city and parks. Anything above 300 is hazardous, while readings between 201 and 300 are very unhealthy.

The PSI has been falling steadily since it was 326 at 10am today. People around Singapore are also reporting clearer skies as compared to previous days.