Happy birthday, golden jubilee babies

As the country celebrates its golden jubilee, all Singaporean children born this year will belong to a special group of SG50 babies. Yeo Sam Jo takes a look at some of the newborns who were the first to join the club on Jan 1.

Singapore's first Jubilee baby, a girl, was born at the stroke of midnight at Thomson Medical Centre on Jan 1, 2015. Here's a look at Chloe Tham and other Jubilee babies born on Jan 1.

All Singaporean babies born this year will receive the SG50 Baby Jubilee Gift which includes a special medallion, a multi-functional shawl, a baby sling, a set of baby clothes, a diaper bag, a scrapbook, a family photo frame and a set of baby books.



  • Who: Chloe Tham Xin Yi, girl
  • Weight: The parents do not wish to reveal their baby's weight
  • When: 12am
  • Parents: Customer service executive Tham Kuan How, 29, and customer service assistant Lian Wen Fang, 29.

"We just want her to be happy, grow up healthy and have the freedom to choose what to do in future," said Mr Tham.

ST 20150102 GLENEAGLES02 948791m


  • Who: Darius Chua, boy
  • Weight: 3kg
  • When: 1.42am
  • Parents: Chef Chua Jing Xuan, 24, and clinic assistant Eveline Yip, 24
  • Sibling: Brother Claudius, one

"We're happy to have a jubilee baby on Jan 1... I hope it's a good sign and a good start for him," said Ms Yip. "My husband says he looks like me."

ST 20150102 KKH02 948794m


  • Who: Alexander Raphael Ng Jun Kai, boy
  • Weight: 3.082kg
  • When: 12.01am
  • Parents: Engineer Kelvin Ng Hui Tiong, 39, and teacher Sim Lay Ling, 35
  • Sibling: Brother Isaac, six

"While the timing of our son's birth was unplanned and earlier than expected... I had also wanted for my son to be born in 2015, as I prefer to have a baby who is born at the start of the year," said Ms Sim.

ST 20150102 MOUNTA02 948796m


  • Who: Della Wu, girl
  • Weight: 3.568kg
  • When: 8.04am
  • Parents: Investment analyst Jack Wu Guo Wei, 34, and lecturer Fanni Yang Zihui, 32
  • Sibling: Brother Dylan, two "Her birthday will always be celebrated by many all over the world - literally a countdown and fireworks every year," said Mr Wu. Ms Yang said: "I nicknamed her my little muffin and her brother, my little cookie. Both are my sugar rush!"

ST 20150102 MOUNTE02 948790m


  • Who: (No name yet), boy
  • Weight: 3.375kg
  • When: 1.42am
  • Parents: IT engineer Nigel Teo Soo Choon, 39, and auditor Audrey Lim Mui Choo, 35
  • Sibling: Sister Melody, five

"My family is now all very excited about our jubilee baby," said Mr Teo. "They refer to him as our 111111 boy. His birth date is Jan 1 which coincides with the lunar calendar's Nov 11. We aspire for our boy to grow up with a great, positive attitude."

ST 20150102 NOVENA02 948797m


  • Who: (No name yet), boy
  • Weight: 3.58kg
  • When: 12am
  • Parents: Police officer Chee Kuan Eng, 40, and product manager Tan Chee Ting, 35
  • Sibling: Sister Jadelyn, three

"We were hoping for a Jan 1 delivery but did not plan for a jubilee baby. We just wanted another child," said Mr Chee. "We feel very happy and blessed. We hope that he will grow up healthily and always be happy."

ST 20150102 NUH02 948793m


  • Who: Ilhan Mikail Muhammad Isbahi, boy
  • Weight: 3.36kg
  • When: 6.04am
  • Parents: Workplace safety and health officer Muhammad Isbahi Diman, 29, and personal assistant Nurkamahriah Mahfar, 26.

"He's our first child. We made him during our honeymoon in the United States in March," said Mr Muhammad Isbahi. "When I first heard him cry, everything became calm and peaceful. I've never had that feeling before, it's very shiok."

ST 20150102 PARKWAY02 948795m


  • Who: Chevonne Low En Wen, girl
  • Weight: 2.785kg
  • When: 12am
  • Parents: Music teacher Aaron Low Kian Chye, 38, and student care supervisor Grace Tan Li Ling, 38
  • Siblings: (from left) Brothers Gabriel, 11, Gaius, nine, and sisters Claudia, five, and Chloe, 10

"Chevonne means 'God is gracious'," said Mr Low. "She moved a lot in the womb and looked at her surroundings the moment she was out."

ST 20150102 RAFFLES02 948792m


  • Who: Jayden Loo Kai Xuan, boy
  • Weight: 3.4kg
  • When: 12.11am
  • Parents: Primary school teachers Lawrence Loo Teck Ho, 34, and Emmeline Koh Ern Hui, 34
  • Sibling: Brother Reagan, six

"His name means 'thankful' - we're thankful to have him in the family," said Ms Koh. "I hope he will be a successful person and contribute to society, and an upright person who holds on to his integrity."

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