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Guilt-free smoothie, that's sweet

Celebrities are often spotted chugging down a protein shake after hitting the gym, and you may have caught wind of the juice detox fad making waves among dieters.

Here is a neat idea - why not blend the two elements by making your own juice smoothie?

Sure, there are pre-made smoothies available off the shelf. However, they usually contain dollops of added sugar.



    • 12 tbs plain yogurt

    • 60g honey

    • 300g fresh beetroot, peeled • 300g fresh carrot, peeled

    • 4 fresh oranges, peeled • 10g young ginger, peeled • 1 lemon, keep frozen


    Juice the orange, and strain. Do the same for the carrot.

    Press the beetroot with the ginger.

    Place the yogurt in a small jug and dissolve the honey in it.

    Pour the yogurt into a chilled glass, add the juices and the beetroot-ginger mixture. Grate the frozen lemon over the drink.

    SERVES 4-6


    Calories: 200kcal

    Total fat: 0.8g

    Carbohydrates: 45g

    Protein: 5g

    Dietary fibre: 6g

In fact, scientists from the United States had, in 2013, warned that such fruit juices and smoothies are a new health risk because of the amount of sugar they contain.

They pointed out that added sugar, be it cane sugar or fruit juice concentrate, are equally bad for health.

As fresh fruit also has sugar, the scientists suggested juicing vegetables because they contain less naturally-occurring sugars.

In this smoothie recipe, local celebrity chef Eric Teo relies on a mix of colourful vegetables like beetroot, carrot and a touch of ginger.

The only fruit used is the orange. He then grated in some frozen lemon just as a garnish.

While smoothies can be made with milk, Mr Teo, who owns food consultancy firm ET Culinary Arts, opted for plain yogurt.

This type of yogurt normally does not have sugar added to it.

This recipe was created in collaboration with the Health Promotion Board (HPB).

Said an HPB spokesman: "Make your own drink with fresh fruit, instead of buying off-the-shelf fruit juices, as those contain more sugar than is recommended."

An average man needs about 2,000 calories a day, while a woman needs about 1,600. A tablespoon of sugar has about 50 calories.

Poon Chian Hui

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