Guest at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza asks for photo of Jeff Goldblum next to bed, hotel delivers

The hotel obliged to the guest's request by putting up photos of actor Jeff Goldblum in the room. PHOTO: IMGUR/CORNWALLIS1
A Jeff Goldblum photo in the hallway. PHOTO: IMGUR/CORNWALLIS1
Another photo of Jeff Goldblum, placed above the TV, welcomed the guest. PHOTO: IMGUR/CORNWALLIS1

SINGAPORE - "My wife has already booked our dinner for two at the pool grill for Friday Feb 16 at 7.30pm," reads an e-mail by a guest to a hotel in Singapore. "Our only other request is to have the attached photo of Jeff Goldblum next to our bed."

The hotel in question - Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel in Orchard Road - delivered. It put up a collage of the 65-year-old Jurassic Park actor on the pillow for the guest, identified only by the name Elliott.

There was also a photo of a smiling Goldblum in the hallway, another of him beaming above the TV, and one of him smouldering in the bathroom.

Elliott, who stayed at the hotel for a few nights this month, posted photos of the encounter on photo-sharing site Imgur and Internet forum Reddit.

The five-star hotel, which has been in business for 23 years, told The Straits Times on Monday (Feb 26) that the guest was "surprised and delighted by the hotel's gesture".

Mr Daniel Burstein, the hotel's director of operations, said that the hotel receives special and unique requests from time to time and so "was not surprised by the request".

"Our guests come from all over the world, and we will always do our best to accede to their requests, and to create brilliant and memorable experiences for our guests," he said.

A collage of Jeff Goldblum photos welcomed the guest upon his arrival at the hotel. PHOTO: IMGUR/CORNWALLIS1

"We will try our best not to say no. If it's something we can't find or are unable to do, we will find an alternative."

Some of these requests include one by a guest who asked for a three-piece band, another who asked for the room to be decorated with stuffed toys, and a third to have a room decorated with imported seasonal flowers.

"We will, however, draw the line if the requests are illegal or are politically or racially insensitive. However, to date we have not received such requests," said Mr Burstein.

While the hotel declined to reveal where the guest was from, it mainly serves customers from the United States, Europe and Australia.

It is not unheard of for guests in other countries to ask for photos of celebrities to be placed in their rooms.

In 2016, a guest at The Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica, California, asked for framed photos of Goldblum to be displayed in his room.

A guest at Hotel Indigo: San Antonio-Riverwalk in Texas made a similar request, asking for a photo of Nicolas Cage in her room. PHOTO: IMGUR/FREEPSYCHICREADINGS

In 2015, a guest at the Hotel Indigo: San Antonio-Riverwalk in Texas asked for a photo of Nicolas Cage in the film Con Air. After it was delivered, she followed up with a series of requests for more photos of Cage.

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