Government will work for all Singaporeans no matter who they voted for, says Tan Chuan-Jin

SINGAPORE - The Government's work cuts across all constituencies, and all Singaporeans are meant to benefit from it, regardless of who they voted for, said Minister for Social and Family Development Tan Chuan-Jin.

He assured residents of Serangoon ward, which comes under the Workers' Party-run Aljunied GRC, that they have not been forgotten.

Mr Tan was on a community visit to the division, when some residents asked him when the People's Action Party would return to the constituency.

"Earlier, some of the residents were asking me when are you all coming back, this sort of thing," he said during an hour-long dialogue at the end of his six hour tour of Serangoon.

"It's a democracy, we decide what we want to choose, you decide what you want to choose, for better (or) for worse. I can tell you we endeavour to do our best, no matter the outcome...all of you remain Singaporeans," he said.

Mr Tan said that this was because the aim of Government policies is to "make sure that everything I do must benefit Singaporeans ...(and) also benefit Singapore as a society".

"You don't vote for us, but we are here to still continue to provide policies which cut across every division, wherever you are," he told some 100 residents at a dialogue that wrapped up his visit to the division. Those present included students and local business owners.

Mr Tan, who also holds the Manpower portfolio until May 4 when he hands over to Mr Lim Swee Say, addressed a number of issues ranging from employers who overly emphasise paper qualifications to the use of electric scooters in the neighbourhood.

He later told reporters that he received a "very warm" reception from residents he met during his visit.

"There are of course usual local issues, some are municipal issues, which I guess is something the Town Council needs to settle, but nothing peculiar. You get that in other wards," he said.

"The reason why we do this is (that) it's just an opportunity to meet up with people... They come forward, share their thoughts and views. It's useful to touch base with people here."

He said that this was not his first visit to Aljunied GRC. He has also met residents in Kovan, Hougang Mall and during a Serangoon North National Day dinner.

When asked by reporters about the People's Action Party's strategy for Aljunied GRC - which the ruling party lost in the 2011 general election - he said the Government's work will continue whether there are elections or not.

"As for elections we know it's going to come at some point so strategy wise, I guess we have to work that out. But our responsibilities as a government don't change," he said.

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