Government to study feedback on healthy lifestyle from dialogue

LETTING students use school gyms in the afternoons, subsidising scuba diving and zumba classes, and building more fitness stations in parks - these were some of the ideas suggested by Yishun residents in a dialogue today.

The Our Singapore Conversation session, led by Health Minister Gan Kim Yong, was based on two discussion topics: what families had done to stay healthy so far, and what they felt the Government could do to help them along this path.

The 80 participants, split into eight groups, spoke candidly, drawing from their own personal experiences. One spoke of the difficulty he faced getting his family members to start exercising, another asked for suggestions on how to get her children to eat vegetables.

The feedback, said Mr Gan, will be consolidated and studied.

"From the feedback we (will) sieve out the practical ideas," he said, adding that its still too premature to decide which of the ideas would be adopted. "I think its more important for us to keep an open mind, take in all the ideas and feedback and we study them carefully."

This session is the second OSC held by the Ministry of Health. The first one, conducted on Friday, gathered insight from health professionals.

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