Good Samaritan helps drunk man sleeping in the middle of the road, moves him to safety

A good Samaritan stepped in to wake up a drunk man sleeping in the middle of the road in Jalan Besar.VIDEO: WAN HAWK

SINGAPORE - A possible accident was prevented on Saturday (May 20) after a stranger stepped in to wake up a drunk man sleeping in the middle of the road in Jalan Besar.

In a video that has been viewed more than 220,000 times and shared more than 1,000 times on Facebook, a man is seen walking to the middle of a road where a topless man lies, as vehicles drove by.

"Hello uncle," says the passer-by, before gently shaking the man on his shoulder. "You sleep in the middle of the road, wait you die how?"

The man sits up slowly but appears dazed. The passer-by continues to persuade him to move to the side of the road, saying: "This is your life."

The good Samaritan, who gave his name only as Max, told The Straits Times on Tuesday (May 23) that it happened on Saturday (May 20) at around 3am, near Foch Road and Lavender Street.

"I was working at one of the clubs there," said the 37-year-old club singer. "After that I was outside with my guitarist when I saw a man without his shirt walking."

He said the man, who appeared to be in his early 40s, walked to the middle of the road and took off his shoes.

"He lay down in the middle of the road," said Max. "After a few seconds I said we need to do something, this guy is sleeping on the road."

His friend took a video of the encounter to safeguard themselves in case it went awry.

"He woke up and at first he said never mind," said Max. "I moved him to the side of the road and said uncle, you want to rest, you sleep here first, and he said OK."

He said there were a lot of taxis on the road at that time.

After the incident, the man went to look for Max at his club and asked him how he got there, as he did not remember what happened. He then left.

Max's friend, Mr Ewan Sarwani, uploaded the video of the incident on Facebook on Saturday night, and many netizens praised Max for his good deed.

"He's soft spoken, polite and kind. Thumbs up," wrote Facebook user Nazirah Naz.