Go50 ultramarathon: 70kg of ice a day to battle heat

SINGAPORE - When you're running for over seven hours a day under the blazing hot sun, ice water is a much needed reprieve.

So how much ice does it to keep Go50 runners Lim Nghee Huat and Yong Yuen Cheng going? The pair needs a supply of 70kg of ice each day to be mixed into energy and endurance drinks along with plain water.

The daily run officially starts at 7am or 8am, but the preparation for the day's run begins as early as 5am. That's when Mr Lim's wife Deborah, 56, would start gathering the supplies needed for the day's run: 27 litres of water, 15 litres of isotonic drink 100-plus, 6 litres of energy drinks and 10 litres of endurance drinks. These supplies are loaded on a multi-purpose vehicle which follows the runners. It makes stops several times along the day's route, at 1km to 1.5km intervals, to recharge the runners and keep them hydrated throughout their run.

The cost of the food and drinks for each day adds up to $400, paid for by the SG50 Celebration Fund and Sheng Siong.

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