Generation Grit: She juggles multiple jobs to support three kids and cancer-stricken husband

Ms Ju-ann Thong has had her share of troubles – at age nine, she found out she was adopted; at 26, she was divorced and had a young son to take care of. She remarried in 2016 but her husband was diagnosed with cancer a year later.

Mother of three Ju-ann Thong has braved multiple storms in her life. She accidentally found out she was adopted, had a failed marriage and went through another abusive relationship that left her depressed and in debt. Her second husband brought the light back into her life, but he lost his job and was later diagnosed with a rare cancer. Through it all, Ms Thong soldiered on - juggling multiple jobs to feed the family - in this series on resilient millennials.

SINGAPORE - Ms Ju-ann Thong was only around nine when she had a bombshell dropped on her during a visit to the doctor.

When her mother went to the toilet, the doctor told her: "Do you know your mummy is not your mummy? You have another mummy."


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