Fun size, fun stay

I was not too sure I would fit into a Singapore-style capsule, wedged between two walls, given that I am tall and bigger than the average Singaporean.

So it was with some anxiety that I climbed into one at Chinatown's Wink Hostel.

Clumsy entrance aside, my doubts were unfounded.

Not only did I fit, I also did not feel claustrophobic.

The capsule felt much bigger than it looked, and a ledge lining the bed had enough space for me to store my essentials - my mobile phone, book and laptop.

Staying in the room for a few hours, with my capsule's curtains drawn and the air-conditioning at full blast, I began to realise the draw of such hostels here.

I had privacy when I wanted it, but in case I felt like talking to my neighbour, there was a sofa in the room.

I was also able to sit comfortably on the bed, pillow on lap and laptop propped on it. My sitting height did not even come close to the capsule's ceiling.

Each capsule hostel has its own unique features, and mine had a temporary blue light that came on only in my space when I tapped myself in with the key card, which was exciting for a geek like me.

Wink Hostel also comes equipped with its own kitchenette, complete with a stove, cooking utensils and sauces.

I managed to make myself a decent cup of coffee with the free condiments available.

But I did not have to get involved in the perils of cooking a meal - waiting for me were the myriad food options in Chinatown.

Now that I have had a feel of the fun-sized practical space in a capsule, and seen its appeal,

I may find myself booking one in countries where accommodation can cost an arm and a leg.

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