FT article on inquiry into the death of American 'grossly misrepresented' police

The Singapore Police Force has come out strongly against a news story out in the Financial Times (FT) on Friday, about the impending Coroner's Inquiry into the death of American reseacher Shane Todd.

In the letter issued by the police on Saturday, it said that the article 'Singapore inquiry prepares to open into Shane Todd's death by FT journalists Jeremy Grant and Raymond Bonner had "grossly misrepresented the position of the Singapore Police Force".

Referring to the article that was published ahead of the inquiry this coming Monday, the police said: "First, it reported the 'latest version' of the police's 'scenario' concerning how Dr Shane Todd hanged himself based on an unnamed source who allegedly spoke with the police.

"The police categorically deny any such communication, nor that this is our 'latest scenario'. This is something which falls squarely within the province of the Coroner's Inquiry which will commence next week, and the Coroner will have to make a determination on this issue."

The police also referred to the alleged statements in the same article about Dr Todd's parents being told by the police that their son had drilled holes in the bathroom wall, affixed bolts and wrapped the strap through a pulley over the door.

"This is presented as a fact, which is highly inappropriate. Whether such statements were made by the police is a matter to be determined by the Coroner in the inquiry," said the police. "The reporting in this article is inaccurate and mischievous and appears to have been calculated to interfere with the administration of justice in Singapore," added the spokesman. "No attempts were made to confirm these points with the Police. We would expect more objective reporting from a paper of the FT's repute while an open inquiry is in progress."

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