From smart belt that tells you to lose weight to hi-tech milk bottle: 10 cool gadgets at CES 2015

LAS VEGAS - Fancy a belt that literally watches your waistline and tells you when to lose weight? Or a hi-tech milk bottle that feeds information about your baby to your smartphone?

These are just some of the new devices that will debut at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2015), one of the world's biggest electronics fairs that officially opens on Tuesday (Jan 7, US time) in Las Vegas.

The focus of this year's show will be on all things "smart", or Internet-connected, taking the cue from the theme: Anything can be connected, from clothing, cars, home appliances, to your pets.

About 36,000 exhibitors and an estimated 160,000 people are expected to attend the four-day show.

Here's a sneak preview of 10 cool devices showcased at a preview on Sunday:

1. (Too) smart belt


"Belty" monitors the wearer's waistline and advises when it is time to lose weight. The smart belt produced by Paris-based Emiota also automatically loosens when the wearer sits and tightens when the wearer stands.

2. Magic ring

AL ring640 0501

Mr Takuro Yoshida, chief executive officer of Logbar Inc, demonstrates the company's Ring wearable control device. The Ring allows the wearer to type texts, control home appliances and make payments with gestures, the company says.

3. Online oven


The Internet-enabled Dacor Discovery gas range and electric oven. The 36-inch model shown is available now and retails for US$8,999 (S$11,250).

4. Milk feeding goes hi-tech


A baby bottle with a Glgl bottle holder. The device sends a variety of information to a parent's smartphone and can help reduce colic by finding the optimal feeding angle.

5. Baking goes 3D


An XYZprinting 3D Food Printer is shown putting a chocolate cookie design on a piece of bread for a demonstration.

6. Grow, lettuce, grow


The XYZprinting Green Box grows organic lettuces and herbs in about three weeks.

7. Snowboard gets smart


Mr Takuma Iwasa of Cerevo Inc demonstrates the Xon Snow-1 snowboard, which uses special bindings and a smartphone app to analyse a snowboarder's technique.

8. Speakers on air


The Air2 (Air Squared) floating Bluetooth speaker from Axxess.

9. Quadcopter


The Inspire 1 quadcopter has carbon fibre arms that lower and lift automatically on take-off and landing and lift out of sight in flight to allow an unrestricted 360-degree view for the camera. It also has an option for dual control where one person flies and another controls the camera.

10. Tag your pet


Tagg CEO Scott Neuberger displays the Tagg GPS Pet Tracker device on dog Venus.

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