4 Singaporeans arrested in Jalan Besar bust; more than $72,000 worth of drugs seized

SINGAPORE - A drug bust in Jalan Besar late on Wednesday (Nov 8) led to the arrests of four Singaporeans and the seizure of more than $72,000 worth of illegal drugs.

Almost 690g of heroin was seized in the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) operation.

CNB officers were monitoring a group of suspected drug offenders in the Jalan Besar area in the late hours of Wednesday. At about 11pm, the first suspect, a 46-year-old man, was seen meeting a 32-year-old woman in Mayo Street. The pair parted ways shortly after, and were later arrested separately.

The man was taken to his room at a budget hotel in the area, where two other men, aged 49 and 54, were also arrested.

Officers found 482g of heroin inside the jeans of the first suspect, as well as $6,474 in cash.

A small amount of heroin was also found on the 49-year-old man, with further amounts of heroin and Ice, or crystal methamphetamine, found on a table in the room.

Under the Misuse of Drugs Act, drug offenders face the death penalty if they are convicted of trafficking more than 15g of diamorphine, or pure heroin. This amount is equivalent to 1,250 "straws" and enough to feed the addiction of about 180 abusers for a week.

Investigations into the drug activities of all the suspects are ongoing.