Four more starch products recalled due to maleic acid content

Four more starch-based products from Taiwan have been recalled by the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) because they contain maleic acid.

The products are the Full Free brand's green tea and yam-flavoured tapioca balls, and Long Kow's vegetarian instant rice noodle and rice noodle with thick soup.

This brings the total number of maleic acid-affected products from Taiwan recalled by the AVA to 15. The list includes the previously-announced Redman brand black tapioca pearls which are used in bubble tea.

Maleic acid is not an approved additive, and long-term consumption of high levels of the acid can cause kidney damage. However, occasional consumption at the levels detected by the AVA does not pose any significant health risk. The agency said it is monitoring the situation and continuing to survey Taiwanese products here to ensure they do not contain the acid.

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