Father and son fined $1.02m each for false declarations on imported cars' values

An elderly Singaporean and his son were sentenced in court last Friday to fines of $1.02 million each for conspiring to under declare the value of 34 Japan-imported cars and furnishing money for these cars' purchase.

Singapore Customs began investigating the case January 2006 and found that the father-son pair was working with two others.

Han Ong Guan, 76, and his son Jeremy Han Wan Kwang, 39, were found guilty of 35 charges each. Of the 35 charges, 26 were related to incorrect declarations of the cars, which were imported between February and August 2005. The remaining nine charges were related to the furnishing of money for the purchase of these cars.

The total excise duty and Goods and Services Tax (GST) evaded exceeded $24,500 and $7,300 respectively. All four people involved in this case were subsequently arrested by Singapore Customs and charged in court in March 2009. The Straits Times understands that the Han duo are appealing against their fines.

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