Fan has seen every NDP live since 1966, complete with memorabilia

One of the first things that catch your eye when you step into Mr Choo Khoon Hock's Marine Terrace flat is a row of videotapes lining the wall in his living room.

The sprightly septuagenarian has witnessed, live, every single National Day Parade (NDP) - even those he had to watch from outside the venue when he could not get a ticket.

And for each one, he has a copy of the television footage.

The parade junkie likes to replay some of the tapes and DVDs of parades past when the mood strikes. 'It is one thing to watch it on TV, but nothing beats seeing it live,' said the 72-year-old.

Possibly the parade's biggest fan, Mr Choo's collection of memorabilia includes everything from flags and fans to sun visors and scarfs. It is so extensive that even though one of the three rooms of his flat has been turned into a shrine for his National Day souvenirs, the collection spills into the living room.

He even holds a record for it. In 2009, his treasure trove was included in the Singapore Book of Records for the largest collection of NDP memorabilia.