Family of four catches Covid-19; one loses sense of taste and smell

(From left) Mohd Faizal Matnor, Muhammad Faris Mohd Faizal, Farah Amirah Mohd Faizal, and Iliana Satlee tested positive for Covid-19 in January. PHOTO: FARAH AMIRAH

SINGAPORE - Ms Farah Amirah Mohd Faizal, 23, did not think she would contract Covid-19, but when she woke up feeling weak one day, she feared the worst.

Her suspicions were raised after she found out that her cousin whom she had met two days earlier on Jan 12, had been in close contact with someone who tested positive for the virus.

Ms Farah lives with her parents and younger brother, and they all immediately took the antigen rapid test and got positive results.

"Honestly, I was shocked. But I wasn't exactly too surprised because of the rise in Covid-19 cases lately. It feels like something everyone will get some day," the electrical engineer said.

Though her family members experienced similar symptoms such as a sore throat, fever and cough, Ms Farah was the one who was hit the hardest.

She had a high fever, cough, sore throat and body aches for 10 days. She also had a temporary loss of her sense of taste and smell.

Ms Farah is vaccinated but had not yet received her booster shot when she fell ill.

She spent most of her time in isolation at home sleeping, as her medication made her drowsy.

She said: "In the past, when Covid-19 first started spreading, I was quite scared because the vaccine had yet to be found and the number of deaths was quite worrying.

"But now, it just feels like a normal illness - like a flu and cough combined.

"Maybe it's also because we've been dealing with the pandemic for so long that it feels normal now," she added.

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