Fake Singaporeans First Party Facebook page makes rounds online

A Facebook page masquerading as that of the newly-formed Singaporeans First Party is making the rounds online, and the party is not amused.

The party's co-founder Tan Jee Say told The Straits Times: "This is not our Facebook page. Whatever they say is not ours. We are discussing what to do about it."

The fake page has the party's logo as its profile picture, and has been posting images of text allegedly from the party's manifesto.

But they are not from the party's manifesto, stressed Mr Tan.

Some, including one to implement a year-long National Service for women which included cooking classes and tailoring, were criticised by netizens as being offensive. Others were outright satirical, such as a suggestion to increase train operating hours till 2am daily to "provide more options for commuters and stimulate the nightlife scene".

"That cannot be us," said Mr Tan, a former presidential candidate. "What we want to do is review NS for the men."

The Singaporeans First Party was unveiled on Sunday and has 11 founding members, including former civil servants and grassroots leaders.

The party now has an official Facebook page.

The fake page's moderator did not respond to messages from The Straits Times. Mr Tan has also said he does not know who is behind the page.

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