Facebook user apologises for accusing ICA officer of abuse of power

SINGAPORE - A Facebook user, Mr PJ Wong, has apologised for his post accusing a Immigration and Checkpoints Authority officer of abuse of power.

The post on Oct 15 had more than 400 shares. It alleged that Mr Wong was singled out unfairly to have his luggage searched, and that his mobile phone was snatched from him after he tried to record a video of the ICA officer.

The post has since been removed.

In his apology, which was posted on Facebook on Monday (Oct 19), Mr Wong stated that his response to the incident was a result of frustration over being delayed in going to a meeting, and he apologised personally to the officer involved.

"ICA officers are empowered by law to conduct travel document and baggage checks on all travellers," said an ICA spokesman in a statement released to the media on Friday (Oct 23), adding that ICA would take action in accordance with the law against travellers who refuse to comply with security checks.