Extra Medisave employer contributions for civil servants and pensioners by next year

FROM January 2015, most civil servants will get bigger Medisave contributions from their employers.

On Friday, the Public Service Division announced that it will double the civil service employer's additional contribution for those on the Medisave-cum Subsidised Outpatient (MSO) scheme.

Currently, civil servants on this scheme get an additional 1 per cent each month, on top of the normal statutory Medisave contribution. This will go up to 2 per cent by next year.

The amount will be credited into their Medisave accounts and is capped at $140 a month. It also applies to officers in statutory boards.

Special consideration was also given to low-wage officers earning $2,500 or less a month. They will receive a minimum additional contribution of $50 a month.

About 85 per cent of civil servants are on the MSO scheme, while 15 per cent are on the older Comprehensive Co-payment Scheme (CCS). The latter group will get an additional 1 per cent civil service employer Medisave contribution when MediShield Life starts, which will help offset premium costs.

This extra 1 per cent contribution also applies to Government pensioners on the CCS.

Other Government pensioners on older schemes with better benefits will have their MediShield Life premiums paid in full, so that they will be no worse off.

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