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Forum: Extending paternity leave a good idea

Two-thirds of eligible fathers did not take any paternity leave in 2018.
Two-thirds of eligible fathers did not take any paternity leave in 2018.PHOTO: ST FILE

The policy recommendations based on a study done by the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) to encourage fathers to play a more active parental role are heartening and relevant (More paternity leave, less stigma could help fathers be more active parents: IPS study, Jan 30).

I believe that extending paid paternity leave is most beneficial. Increasing paternity leave from the current two weeks to equal the 16-week maternity leave would be most ideal.

The fact that six in 10 fathers did not take paternity leave in 2018 fleshes out how rooted traditional gender norms are in modern Singaporean society.

Communicating the artificiality of such gender norms would make our paternity leave policy much more effective.

Shaun Loh, 16

Year 5 pre-university student


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