Ex-SCDF chief trial: Day 3 begins with cross-examination of director of logistics

The sex-for-contracts trial continued on the third day after former Singapore Civil Defence Force chief (SCDF) Peter Lim Sin Pang arrived at the Subordinate Courts at around 9.10am on Wednesday.

SCDF director of logistics Chin Lai Fong is set to return to the witness stand to be cross examined.

On Tuesday, the prosecution questioned her to establish why the SCDF needed to purchase new walk-through radiation detectors back in 2011.

Over the past two days, two managers from Nimrod Engineering, a security systems company at the centre of the corruption case, were also cross examined to establish details of its tender process and the timeline of events leading up to the submission of the tender. Officers from the Singapore Civil Defence Force are likely to take the stand on Wednesday

The prosecution has charged that Nimrod Engineering received prior information from Lim regarding this tender before it was made public in April 2011. This, it alleges, was because Ms Pang Chor Mui, a former general manager of Nimrod Engineering, had agreed to give Lim sexual favours in return for a business advantage. However, the defence countered that there was nothing odd about the fact that the company was researching the equipment before the tender was announced, because it was in the security line.

Lim, 52, is on trial for having an illicit tryst with Ms Pang at a carpark in May 2010 in exchange for furthering the business interests of Nimrod.

Before the trial started, nine other charges of corruption against Lim were stood down. They involve allegations of sex with two senior female executives. These charges will be dealt with separately.

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