What you can expect from Jurong Lake Gardens: Swamp forests, water sports, moon lantern terraces and more

Nature Rambling Trail
Hanging bonsai gate.
Hanging bonsai gate.PHOTO: COURTESY OF NPARKS
Edible show garden.
Edible show garden.PHOTO: COURTESY OF NPARKS
A food & beverage outlet by the lake.
A food & beverage outlet by the lake.PHOTO: COURTESY OF NPARKS

SINGAPORE - In four years, residents in the west can look forward to waterfalls, nature trails, and a hanging bonsai garden at their doorstep.

The National Parks Board (NParks) has said that the 90ha Jurong park, about the size of 144 football fields, will be Singapore's "new national gardens in the heartland".

Plans for the central and eastern parts of Jurong Lake Gardens were unveiled on Saturday (Nov 26).

These will be integrated with Jurong Lake Gardens West, formerly known as Jurong Lake Park.

Each garden within the Gardens will have a different look and feel.

Here's what to expect:

Jurong Lake Gardens Central and East (To be completed in 2020)

  • The Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden, in the centre of Jurong Lake, comprise Jurong Lake Gardens Central.
  • The Water Gallery Trail in the East Garden will have "secret rooms" which are outdoor spaces featuring art and plants. Leisure boaters can discover these along the trail.


  • Jurong Lake Gardens Central will feature "tropical horticultural gardens within a natural and rustic setting".
  • A "water-wall" court that will surround visitors on three sides with a three-metre high waterfall, providing park goers respite from the heat.


  • Water gardens will feature ponds, water terraces and streams, as well as aquatic plants like water lilies and lotuses.
  • Fruits and vegetables from an edible show garden will be served in a restaurant, currently known as the Vegetable Factory Restaurant.

Water wall courts. PHOTO: COURTESY OF NPARKS

  • A hanging bonsai garden will feature tropical bonsais are suspended in mid-air.
  • There will be a native swamp forest at the Nature Rambling Trail, which will let children learn about native plants and habitats.


  • There's even an attraction for night visitors. The Moon Lantern Terrace features pavilions with lights that change shapes according to the phases of the moon.
  • Other features include a skate park, the Garden of Dancing Grass, a moss and fern garden, and a rainforest bridge.

Jurong Lake Gardens West (To be completed in 2018)

  • Jurong Lake Gardens West will focus on the restoration of natural habitats and outdoor recreation.
  • Jurong was a mangrove swamp before it was developed into an industrial estate in 1961. The Garden will now feature a restored swamp forest and wetlands.

Boardwalk at the Wetlands. PHOTO: COURTESY OF NPARKS

  • A meandering boardwalk will take visitors to the Lake's edge, and will link them to grassland and wetland trails.
  • Heron Island will be a habitat for the wild birds, one of the species of wildlife living at the Lake. Platforms will be installed to encourage roosting and nesting, away from human disturbance.


  • The water play area with a series of interconnected tidal pools will provide various play experiences for children. An eatery with a panoramic view of the lake will be located nearby.
  • Another play area will focus on nature. The play area will have "varied adventure play
  • experiences for children to mimic the actions of animals".

Kayaking facilities at Jurong Lake. PHOTO: COURTESY OF NPARKS

  • Water sports enthusiasts will have a new sports facility where they can kayak and row dragon boats. Another eatery will be located here.
  • There will also be a dog run area for pet owners, a community hub and community gardens.

The plans for the gardens are being exhibited from Saturday (Nov 26) at Canopy @ J Link in Jurong East. Feedback from the public is welcome.