Temasek philanthropic unit channels $6m into 4 projects that tackle living environment

An NEA personnel carrying out misting near Block 101, Aljunied Crescent, on Sept 2, 2016.
An NEA personnel carrying out misting near Block 101, Aljunied Crescent, on Sept 2, 2016. PHOTO: ST FILE

SINGAPORE - Temasek Foundation Ecosperity (TF Ecosperity) announced on Wednesday (Jan 11) that it is channelling around $6 million in funds to four projects.

The first is a quick response to mass disease outbreaks, starting with a drug for the Zika virus.

It aims to build a quick development capability to produce a treatment against the Zika virus, with the objective of reducing time for a product to reach clinical trials from as long as five years to just under one year.

Another project is bio-based platforms for mosquito vector control, which aims to develop alternative bio-pesticides such as larvae control sprays, air diffuser oils and repellents against larvae and adult mosquitoes.

A third project focuses on designing a new smart mask and micro ventilator to comfortably fit faces of younger children from ages three to six. Current versions are designed only for adults and children older than seven years old.

The last project involves test-bedding locally developed Airbitat Smart Coolers for air filtration. It hopes to add Airbitat Smart Cooler prototypes to various public spaces in Singapore to supplement units deployed around the island, including at the Singapore Zoo.

The non-profit organisation that comes under Temasek Holdings' philanthropic arm said in a media release that the four projects are the first to be supported by TF Ecosperity.

Mr Teo Ming Kian, chairman of TF Ecosperity, said: "We want to encourage more ideas and solutions that address challenges we face in our living environment... the four proposals we support are good examples of the types of problems we would like innovators to help solve."