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A RECIPE FOR MARITAL BLISS: The new bride is not expected to spend much time in the kitchen. Not when husband Mokomichi Hayami is a well-known chef who has helmed cooking shows.

Actress Aya Hirayama, 35, announced their marriage in an Instagram post on Thursday, writing that “I was attracted by Mokomichi-san’s attitude towards work, personality and full of talented charm”.

The chef, 34, who has come to Singapore to promote his shows, praised her “friendly smile and straight-forward personality” in a statement.

What will be the recipe for marital bliss for the couple who met in 2007 while co-starring in a live-action television adaptation of a manga?

In a previous interview,  Mokomichi, who is also an actor and host, said he wants to wear the apron in the family.

“I think we will fight if she is a good cook because we might start competing. I think that would be a problem,” said the dishy celebrity who has been described as Japan’s Jamie Oliver.


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