FairPrice steps up efforts to reduce food wastage

SINGAPORE - Supermarket chain FairPrice will be stepping up on efforts to cut down food wastage through various new initiatives next year.

It plans to introduce a new FairPrice Food Waste Framework which will involve reducing food waste in the company's processes, working with organisations as well as educating the public on the importance of reducing food waste.

Food makes up 10 per cent of total waste in Singapore. According to the National Environment Agency, Singapore generated 796,000 tonnes of it last year, of which 0.3 per cent came from FairPrice.

Vegetables and fruits were the main contributors to FairPrice's food waste.

Last year, FairPrice set up a committee to review processes and find ways to better manage food waste within its operations.

Said Mr Seah Kian Peng, FairPrice's chief executive: "Through the FairPrice Food Waste Framework, we will be able to clearly define our goals and systematically track our progress. Everyone needs to play a part in dealing with this growing issue and we are optimistic with a structured approach and through collective effort, we can make a difference."