Energy efficiency regulations for industry users start from April 22

Large energy guzzlers in the industry sector face mandatory energy management requirements with effect from April 22.

As part of a national effort to improve energy efficiency, companies who use more than 54 terajoules of energy annually in at least two out of the three preceding years will have to appoint energy managers, monitor and report energy usage, and submit energy efficiency improvement plans to the National Environment Agency (NEA).

Companies in manufacturing; electricity, gas and air-conditioning supply; and water supply, sewerage, and waste management are affected. The industry sector accounts for more than half of Singapore's energy demand, reported the NEA. It added that the new measures affect about 170 companies operating around 200 sites consuming large amounts of energy.

The Energy Conservation Bill was passed in parliament last April, to ensure that large energy users apply the same rigour and best practices to energy management as they do to, for example, labour and capital. The NEA has set up a one-stop centre to assist affected companies with complying with the new regulations. Companies can contact the centre at