Eight arrested for suspected involvement in a casino scam syndicate at Marina Bay Sands Casino

Eight people - four men and four women - have been arrested for allegedly cheating at play in Marina Bay Sands (MBS) Casino.

On Wednesday (8 May), the police were alerted by the MBS casino operator that a group of people had cheated at play at one of their gaming tables two days earlier.

Within 24 hours of that report, police officers detained seven people believed to be involved in the casino scam. They are said to be Thai nationals, aged between 23 and 53 years old.

More than $300,000 in cash was seized, along with a laptop, several mobile phones, branded watches and handbags worth about $50,000. The police also worked with the casino operator to freeze three MBS player gaming accounts with more than $840,000.

Investigations are ongoing.

Anyone convicted of the offence of Cheating At Play under Section 172A(3) of the Casino Control Act, Chapter 33A can be fined up to $150,000, jailed up to seven years, or both.

Said director of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police (SAC) Hoong Wee Teck: "Police will not tolerate these casino scam syndicates. We will spare no effort in tracking down these suspects to face the full brunt of the law."

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