Pre-school operator PCF open to feedback about its new uniform for children

SINGAPORE - PAP Community Foundation (PCF) is open to feedback and suggestions from parents to improve the design of its new uniform for its pre-school pupils.

A PCF spokesman said the production of the new uniforms will start only in a few months' time, so the design can be fine-tuned further.

PCF had unveiled the new look of its pre-school uniform last Saturday. From mid-2015, the iconic white and blue uniform will be replaced by a white, blue-trimmed, red-collared T-shirt and red shorts.

Some netizens complained about the makeover - especially the use of red, which did not feature as prominently in previous versions of the uniform - while others asked if they would have to pay more for the new uniforms. Netizen Jessilin Khee wrote on The Straits Times' Facebook page: "Shouldn't change the iconic blue colour. That blue is how we identify the kids from PAP. Changes of uniform design to make it comfy for kids is definitely a good move, but not changes of colours."

PCF said on Monday that it has not received "any unfavourable comments" from parents about the new uniforms. In fact, parents at the event to launch the new uniform had given positive feedback.

In particular, the new uniform can be worn both in the classroom and as attire for physical education or outdoor activities. This is in response to parents' comments over the years that they preferred "one common uniform instead of the present arrangement of two separate sets of uniform - one for classroom and the other for outdoor use", said the PCF spokesman.

She also clarified that children currently in PCF centres need not buy the new uniform, which will be introduced in the middle of next year.

"We have allowed a three-year transition so that children with the current uniforms need not replace them," she said.

The price of the new uniform has yet to be fixed. PCF said it will be kept affordable, and having just one uniform for both indoor and outdoor use also results in more savings for parents.

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