PSLE results: Girl juggles sports, studies and interests with aplomb

Despite her many commitments, Dikshita Ramesh from Changkat Primary School, who was captain of its basketball team and head prefect of her school, achieved good scores for her Primary School Leaving Examination. ST PHOTO: KEVIN LIM

SINGAPORE - Sports, singing, dancing, and head prefect of her school - Dikshita Ramesh has them all in hand. And studies too - the 12-year-old achieved good scores for her Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) earlier this year.

The Changkat Primary School pupil was captain of its basketball team, which led her to be selected for the national Under-12 basketball training squad.

On weekends, the 12-year-old attends singing and dancing lessons, which she has been doing for the past six years.

Despite her many commitments, the eloquent girl would still set aside four to six hours daily to prepare for the PSLE.

"My teachers taught us how to prioritise our studies and manage our time, so that we won't feel the pressure and do last-minute revision," said Dikshita, who had a detailed timetable daily where she would list the various activities and the estimated time needed. "Everything was planned out, so juggling all the activities was not really stressful."

She collected her results on Friday (Nov 24), scoring three As and one B for her four subjects.

Dikshita had started her revision as early as June. She added that having various interests, such as singing and playing basketball, helped her to unwind during the exam period.

"They are good quality breaks for me," said Dikshita, who began her revision about four months before the PSLE. "When I returned to my revision, my mind was more relaxed and I could focus better."

Dikshita, who has secured a place at Temasek Junior College via the Direct School Admission scheme, also appreciates her family for their support during the past year.

For instance, her 10-year-old sister, who shares a bedroom with her, would often study in the living room, giving her the space to revise for the national exam.

"She thought about how I would be feeling during this whole year, and would make sure I wasn't distracted. She has been a big support and has sacrificed a lot of things for me," said Dikshita. Her 44-year-old father is the chief executive of a marketing firm while her mother, 41, works as an accountant.

Ms Grace Lee, her form teacher, said she is impressed with the girl's drive. "Be it sports or studies, she strives to do her best. Hearing that she has a lot of activities, the teachers were concerned and checked with her periodically just to see how she is coping," Ms Lee added.

"Juggling so many activities is not easy. She is a role model to all the other students who are trying to balance between academic and the non-academic areas."

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