Big Spell: Moving on to the zonal round

SINGAPORE - In all, 116 pupils from 42 primary schools have made it through to the zonal round of the RHB-The Straits Times National Spelling Championship 2015.

They come from schools across the island, such as Anchor Green Primary, Nanyang Primary and Poi Ching School.

On March 28, they will compete in the four school zones - North, South, East and West.

They will have to stand on stage and spell aloud the words read to them by a pronouncer.

Pupils who make it through the zonal round will compete in the finals on April 25 in the same format. The top speller will win $5,000, an individual trophy and a challenge trophy for his school, while those in second and third place will win $3,000 and $1,000 respectively.

Pupils who made it to the zonal round (in alphabetical order):

Afeef Ikhwan Bin Mohammad Ariffin - Tampines North Primary School

Amanda Lee - Rosyth School

Andrew Philip Lim - Anglo-Chinese School (Primary)

Arielle Yeo Hui Wen - St Hilda's Primary School

Aurelia Cheng Qin Yun - Pei Tong Primary School

Babu Sanjaay - Rivervale Primary

Benjamin Chew Weixuan - Peiying Primary School

Brandon Tay Kai Feng - Henry Park Primary School

Brian Lee Shen Yang - Fuhua Primary School

Carissa Tan - Nanyang Primary School

Chai Yi Khuen - Poi Ching School

Chan Shan Wei Jovin - North View Primary School

Chan Yin Lam Natalie - Temasek Primary School

Charlotte Chua Jia Xuan - Seng Kang Primary School

Chen Jing Wen, Elizabeth - Raffles Girls' Primary School

Chew Le-Kai Caius - Anglo-Chinese School (Primary)

Chloe Kwek - Rosyth School

Chloe Kwek - West Grove Primary School

Chong Ka Yee - Henry Park Primary School

Christian Chua - Tao Nan School

Chua Xin Ying - CHIJ St Nicholas Girls Primary School

Clarice Chee Jia Li - Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School

Clarissa Wong Wern Ting - Raffles Girls' Primary School

Conrad Xheng Thinagaran - Henry Park Primary School

Cosette Wong Yi Xin Young Choang - Compassvale Primary School

Cuison Jacob Dimaano - St Hilda's Primary School

Daniel Toh - Rosyth School

Dhruv Praveen - Rosyth School

Eda Chua Xing En - St Hilda's Primary School

Elysia Boon Tze-Yan - Nanyang Primary School

Esther-J Yoong - Raffles Girls' Primary School

Eunice Goh Xue Fen - Tao Nan School

Eunice Hng Mei-Xian - Methodist Girls' School (Primary)

Evelyne Chua Xue Hui - Nanyang Primary School

Foo Hui Min Sabrina - Singapore Chinese Girls' School Primary

Gabrielle Kwan Kait Yi - Fairfield Methodist School Primary

Goh Shen Ee Matthew - Anglo-Chinese School (Primary)

Grace Elizabeth Ho - Nanyang Primary School

Gudimalla Rishi - Gongshang Primary School

Hannah Binte Abdul Rahim - Rosyth School

Hau Jia Xuan, Alyssa - Nanyang Primary School

Ho Wing Yip - Catholic High School (Primary)

Ho Xin Yao Shermaine - Maha Bodhi School

Isaac Lim - Rosyth School

Ivan Jerrick Koh Yu En - Chongfu School

Jerome Thomas Ng Tze Loong - Henry Park Primary School

Joan Seah Hing Min - Tao Nan School

Joanne Sophia Teo Rui En - Methodist Girls' School (Primary)

Jonathan Lau Yi Heng - Nanyang Primary School

Jonathan Tan Zhi Yong - Catholic High School (Primary)

Justinian Guan - Rosyth School

Kee Yan Tong, Yanisa - CHIJ (Katong) Primary School

Kenneth Yap - Bukit Panjang Primary School

Khaneesha Zahranita Asla - New Town Primary School

Khoo Kai Jun Aloysius - St Joseph's Institution Junior

Khoo Kee Suen - St Joseph's Institution Junior

Khoo Qi Rui Natashea - St Hilda's Primary School

Khoon Cheong Bin, Kenneth - Gongshang Primary School

Koh Shao Yang Aidan - Tao Nan School

Koh Zi Ning, Grace - Nanyang Primary School

Kua Le Yi - Catholic High School (Primary)

Lai Xuan Yun - Singapore Chinese Girls' School Primary

Lauren Lim Yi-Xing - Nanyang Primary School

Lee Yun Ting, Raeann - Tao Nan School

Leia Ong Rui En - Singapore Chinese Girls' School Primary

Liang Jing Hao - Rosyth School

Lim Hsing Yi, Nicole - Singapore Chinese Girls' School Primary

Lin Yi - Townsville Primary School

Lucas Thia Yi Hong - Nanyang Primary School

Mahima Srinidhi Hari - St Hilda's Primary School

Matthew Lee Rei Herng - Nanyang Primary School

Matthew Low Tze Yong - Nanyang Primary School

Nallapuraju Atchyuta Srinivasa Varma - Rivervale Primary

Natalie Koh Fern - Methodist Girls' School (Primary)

Natalie Tan Kyi Ann - Tao Nan School

Nathan Arcilla Hernandez - Bedok Green Primary School

Navin Sivakumar - Anglo-Chinese School (Primary)

Neil Goh Ken Tze - Anglo-Chinese School (Primary)

Ng Yong Jin, Rooney - Princess Elizabeth Primary School

Ng Zhiqin - Pei Chun Public School

Nicholas Goh Cheng Jun - Nan Hua Primary School

Ong Yi Xian, Seth - Anglo-Chinese School (Primary)

Parul Shrikara Prabhu - Admiralty Primary School

Phang Duncan - Rosyth School

Phoebe Tan Xuan - Singapore Chinese Girls' School Primary

Por Ren Hong - Henry Park Primary School

Rae Tng Ying Xin - Nanyang Primary School

Ray Lim Mun Lok - Nanyang Primary School

Rowena Kwan - West Grove Primary School

Ryan Andrew A Salao - Mayflower Primary School

Ryan Wong - Rosyth School

Seah Sze Hsien - Haig Girls' School

Selina Peh Yuet Ning - St Hilda's Primary School

Serene Koh Yi Ning - Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School (Pri)

Sim En Jie, Bryan - Tao Nan School

Siow Jing Xuan, Cadence - Nanyang Primary School

Sng Hwee Woon - CHIJ St Nicholas Girls Primary School

Tan Jin-Rong Iain - Catholic High School (Primary)

Tan Xin Lin Amanda - Anchor Green Primary School

Tan Yi Swee - Nanyang Primary School

Tan Yin Da Dilan - St Joseph's Institution Junior

Teo Kai, David - Anglo-Chinese School (Primary)

Teo Wei Xian Dominque - Rosyth School

Timothy Chek Jun Hou - Nanyang Primary School

Titus Quek - Rosyth School

Toh Wu Jie - Nanyang Primary School

Tsai King Ron - Rosyth School

Tsiknas Isabella Clare - Raffles Girls' Primary School

Ventura Nolsen Gahol - Naval Base Primary School

Way Yan Win - Henry Park Primary School

Woo Hsin Yi Alyssa - Tao Nan School

Xenia Fiorenza Anong - Rosyth School

Yang Yiran - Nan Hua Primary School

Yeong Jing Yi - North Vista Primary School

Yip Jing Han - St Hilda's Primary School

Yong Han Qin - St Hilda's Primary School

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