After-school care scheme at Bendemeer Primary to increase intake

SINGAPORE- More working parents with children in Bendemeer Primary School will soon benefit from an expanded after-school care programme.

The intake for the programme run at a centre set up at the school by the Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC) will be doubled to 120 by next January, it was announced on Tuesday.

The centre currently has 48 pupils in its after-school programmes, where children get supervision for homework and get to attend art and outdoor activity programmes in school. Twelve more children will join next month.

Most pupils enrolled in the Student Care Centre come from needy backgrounds where both parents are working. Families earning a combined household income of $3,500 and below need only pay $30 monthly for Student Care Centre services.

"Teachers have observed that students are more attentive and enthusiastic in school work when they learn with supervision and companionship of friends after school," said Ms Low Yen Ling, chairperson of the CDAC Student Education and Development Committee.

"It's about providing services so that the child has a wholesome family to grow up in," added Ms Low, who is also Parliamentary Secretary for Culture, Community and Youth and South West District mayor.

CDAC said it also plans to set up more school-based Student Care Centres, although it did not specify how many.