Duo jailed three years for conspiring to counterfeit and use 24 $1K notes

Two odd job workers were each jailed for three years on Monday after admitting to abetting four others in a conspiracy to counterfeit and use $24,000 in fake currency.

Adi Soffian Bakhtiar Effendi and Fauzi Mohammad, both 22, each admitted to the two charges and were the last to be dealt with in relation to the scam.

Earlier, Adziz Asmon, 36, and Aimie Abdullah, 34, were jailed for 79 months and 66 months respectively for making and using 24 fake $1,000 notes. Two teenagers were given probation for their roles.

In 2011, Adi and Fauzi discussed the crime with Adziz - then an operations assistant with marine service agency Nautical Trade - whose work duties included collecting and making payment to suppliers on behalf of his employer.

Adi suggested that they scan genuine currency notes and print copies before exchanging these with the genuine money that Adziz collected on behalf of Nautical Trade.

Adi and Fauzi bought a printer cum scanner, a ream of A4 paper, clear transparencies, a paper cutter and a tray of eggs. Together with Aimie, they went to a Geylang hotel and experimented with producing a fake $1,000 bill.

Adi took a photograph of the fake note before throwing it away. He showed the photo to Adziz a few days later, assuring him that counterfeit money could be made.

Adziz agreed to the plan, which was carried out in January 2012. He was entrusted with $80,000 in real $1,000 notes by his employer and the group went on to produce the fake notes at a chalet in Pasir Ris.

The court heard they spread egg white on a piece of paper, used a hair dryer to blow it dry, scanned a genuine $1,000 note and printed its image onto the coated sheet.

Adziz mixed the 24 counterfeit $1,000 notes with six genuine notes and on Jan 13, 2012, he went to Tampines to pay a supplier's employee $30,000.

The supplier who received the money suspected the 24 notes were counterfeit and returned them to Nautical Trade.

Adi and Fauzi could each have been jailed for up to 20 years and fined on each charge.

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