Drug addict jailed for incest, trafficking

Soon after his release from prison for drug consumption on Feb 17, 2011, the 56-year-old man went to stay with his ex-wife in Boon Lay.

That same month, he had sex with his 26-year-old daughter with her consent while his ex-wife was out at work. They also performed oral sex on each other.

He had pleaded guilty to committing incest last December.

The man, who is 58 years old now, was sentenced to three years in jail on Thursday.

A district court heard that the daughter had initially refused him but gave in after he convinced her that they were not doing anything wrong. About a year later, her boyfriend found out and she went to the police on July 27 last year.

By then, her father was in police custody, He had been arrested on July 11 last year in a rented Ghim Moh flat with heroin in his possession. He had intended to sell some of the drugs. Urine tests also confirmed that he had consumed it.

Since he was a recalcitrant offender, he was jailed seven years for drug consumption. For drug trafficking, he was sentenced to five years in jail. The three year jail terms each for incest and possession of heroin was ordered to run concurrently so in total, he will serve 12 years behind bars. This jail term was backdated to July 19 - the date he was remanded.

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