Drive to attract more Singaporeans to join maritime sector, 300 jobs on offer

A group of bosses in the maritime sector have banded together in a recruitment drive to attract Singaporeans to join their booming trade.

They are offering about 300 jobs ranging from administrative to shipping crew positions, and hope to garner interest through career talks in schools as well as newsletters and advertisements.

The bosses, who head 18 firms, are also working with Mendaki's training arm, Social Enterprise Network Singapore (Sense), to match applicants with jobs and send them for training.

Mr Farid Khan, managing director of marine service provider Bourbon Offshore Asia, told reporters on Thursday morning at the launch of the drive that Singaporeans do not know enough about the maritime industry and hence, bosses have struggled to attract them.

"Our industry is growing and we offer good salaries of up to $15,000 for ship captains. But not many locals know about the work we do. We want to change these perceptions," he said.

Manpower Senior Parliamentary Secretary Hawazi Daipi attended the launch of the initiative Careers@Maritime at the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club.