Drawing on National Day stamps in tribute to front-line workers

The set of 10 stamps (right) featuring front-line workers, and a miniature sheet valued at $2 (above), will go on sale from today.
The set of 10 stamps (right) featuring front-line workers, and a miniature sheet valued at $2 (above), will go on sale from today.PHOTO: SINGAPORE POST

Hawkers, cleaners, supermarket staff and teachers are among 10 roles featured in a set of stamps released by Singapore Post to celebrate the country's upcoming 56th birthday.

Valued at between 30 cents and $1.40 each, the stamps will go on sale from today at all post offices, ahead of National Day next Monday.

SingPost is also recognising the postman, the bus driver and the food deliveryman with its new stamps, which pay tribute to front-line workers in the Covid-19 pandemic. The remaining three roles comprise healthcare workers who have been in the spotlight since the coronavirus emerged last year. They are the doctor, the nurse and the swabber.

Each stamp shows a sketch. The helmeted delivery rider is pictured passing a packet of food to a person on his doorstep - a familiar image as dining out continues to be prohibited under tight measures to stem the spread of Covid-19 in the community.

"Singapore's essential workforce... continues to persevere in fighting an unseen enemy while facing their own anxieties, yet holding their posts with responsibility and diligence through the tough times," SingPost said in a statement yesterday. "Overcoming fear, fatigue and discomfort, these everyday heroes go about their work with dignity, bringing hope and strength to fellow Singaporeans."

The stamp set also includes a miniature sheet, valued at $2, featuring a montage of these same 10 front-line workers.

The cover of the presentation pack includes more groups, such as immigration officers, construction workers and hospitality staff.

"All have contributed in their ways to fight the Covid-19 pandemic since early last year," SingPost said.

The whole set costs $11.55.

SingPost regularly releases new stamp designs that suit the occasion. Last month, it came up with a set of six stamps featuring Olympic sports that Singapore athletes are competing in at the Tokyo Games. These include swimming, table tennis and diving.

In 2015, during Singapore's 50th anniversary celebrations, SingPost launched a set of Hello Kitty plush toys dressed in the cheongsam, baju kurung, sari, colonial postman uniform or "I love Singapore" T-shirt, as well as stamp folders featuring Hello Kitty with iconic Singapore landmarks.

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