Delivery man and pregnant wife live in a lorry, but say they are happy as they 'have each other'

Mr Wang and his wife with the lorry they call home. PHOTO: LIANHE WANBAO
The couple sleep on sheets of cardboard on the back of the lorry. PHOTO: LIANHE WANBAO

SINGAPORE - For Mr Wang Baohua and his pregnant wife, home is the lorry he drives for a living.

The 44-year-old delivery man has not had a permanent home in two years since moving out of a rental flat due to financial constraints, Chinese evening daily Lianhe Wanbao reported on Wednesday (March 9).

Before that, he had lived with an uncle after returning in 2013 from a stint working in Vietnam. He moved out when the uncle got married.

So Mr Wang lived first in a cement truck he drove, then the lorry after getting his current job six months ago. His Vietnamese wife, who had been a colleague while he was working overseas, joined him last year.

Mr Wang starts work at 3am every day and drives the lorry, with his wife accompanying him. At night, he leaves it parked at Changi Beach Park. The couple sleep on sheets of cardboard on the back, use a portable gas stove to cook meals, hang their clothes on the side of the lorry and use nearby public toilets to wash up and brush their teeth.

"Although we don't have much, we have each other so we are very happy," Mr Wang told Wanbao. He added that the couple go for walks on the beach when they have the time.

But with his wife four months pregnant, Mr Wang tried looking for a flat. He told Wanbao that he has tried to rent, but couldn't find a suitable place.

"I can suffer but my wife is four months pregnant and it's inconvenient for her to climb up and down (from the lorry). Right now, we can only hope that we can give the baby a suitable home after he or she is born," he told Wanbao.

His wife said that she already knew of his living accommodations when she married him. "I love him, I don't mind," she said, adding that her family in Vietnam know about the situation but still support her decision. They said their relationship has not changed and they do not quarrel.

Mr Wang is grateful for support from his boss and colleagues, who are sympathetic to the situation. His boss lets him live in the lorry and even offered to lend him $10,000 to buy a flat. "I am very thankful," he told Wanbao.

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